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Belus Active Resistance Bands are Used by Fitness Trainers, Influencers and Athletes Worldwide

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Resistance Loop Bands

Belus Active

Exercise Bands

They can be used as part of your warm up routine, for strength and flexibility training, for improving speed and acceleration as well as for rehabilitation.

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Workout Bands

Belus resistance bands are a stylish, flexible, effective and portable fitness tool that increases stability and strength whilst toning muscle and burning fat.  The variable tension is easy on joints while activating target muscle group. They maximise the benefits of training while minimizing the risk of injury. 

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A Proven Training TooL

Resistance Bands

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Belus Fitness Bands

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The Ultimate Booty Guide

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As you can see Belus resistance training products are extremely popular on Instagram. Our workout bands are extremely versatile, whether you are using resistance loops, flat stretch bands or loop workout bands they will help you reach your health and fitness goals in style.

Our gym resistance bands or booty bands, as they are known in the US, are particularly popular with women in the UK working on their glutes and are a top seller when compared to the many other Amazon resistance bands, for example.