Belus 4 Foot Flat Resistance Band Set For Rehabilitation, Fitness and Working Out. Includes Carry Bag and Digital Guides.

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Suitable for All Fitness Levels

This fitness band set will support your training needs as your strength and fitness improves.

Three different strengths:-

  • Light Pink - light resistance (0.25mm): 4-8 Ibs
  • Pink - medium resistance (0.35mm): 5-10 lbs
  • Purple - heavy resistance (0.45mm): 6-12 lbs

The bands can be combined to create even more resistance levels.

Use These Bands Anywhere

Compact, light and portable with a drawstring bag.

Get your ideal resistance band workout at home, in the gym or when travelling.


These resistance bands are ideal for strength, stretching and warm up exercises as part of your fitness or rehabilitation program.

The exercise bands can be used flat or tied to create a loop band to provide the ultimate flexibility.

They are suited to high intensity exercise workout classes such as Insanity, Boxing Training, P90x or Crossfit.

The lighter strength bands can be used for Yoga and Pilates classes and for muscle stretches to improve flexibility.

They are recommended by physical therapists for rehabilitation to strengthen your stabilising muscles after injury.

Amazing Value

3 Digital resistance training books and 1 video included:

  • Belus Loop Band Guide
  • Glutes Exercise Guide- Resistance Band Exercise Guide
  • Belus 7-minute Booty Workout Video

Premium Quality

These durable natural latex exercise bands are designed to hold their shape after each use and can stretch up to twice their length.The bands are sweat, stretch and snap resistant, they can be stretched repeatedly without fear of damage or losing shape.

Let's get fit together, Belus fit.

If you are not satisfied, we'll refund you in full.

  • VERSATILE - these bands can used for stretching and resistance band workouts. They can also be tied and used as 10 inch and 12 inch loop bands. They can also be combined to increase the number of resistance options.
  • COMFORTABLE - standard loop bands have a tendency to roll during leg and glute workouts. These self-tie bands are wider (4 inches) and less prone to rolling up during workouts than standard fixed loop bands.
  • EASY TO USE - getting short loop bands onto your thighs can be awkward, these can simply be tied straight onto your thighs.
  • PORTABLE - these are small, light and ideal for travel, each band is only 4 feet (1.2m) long and 4 inches (10cm) wide. They even come with a small travel bag to keep them safe.
  • AWESOME VALUE - includes 3 digital books as well as the Belus 7-minute Booty Workout. Instructions for getting the exercise guides and video are included on the insert card and emailed to you when the exercise bands are delivered.

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