Belus Extra Long Exercise Bands - 2m Flat Resistance Bands. Includes Carry Bag, Video Download and Digital Guides. Versatile Home Fitness Equipment.

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These bands can be used in a variety of ways:

● Home fitness
● Gym classes - Cross Fit, Insanity, P90x, etc.
● Yoga
● Pilates
● Physical therapy and rehabilitation
● Boxing training
● Stretching
● Strength training workouts

They are perfect for leg and arm exercises, as well as working on your glutes and many other muscle groups. There are so many possibilities. These fitness bands can be used flat or tied to create a loop band providing the ultimate flexibility.

Three Different Resistance Levels 

● Light Pink - light resistance (0.25mm): 10-15 Ibs

● Pink - medium resistance (0.35mm): 15-20 lbs

● Purple - heavy resistance (0.45mm): 20-30 lbs

This resistance band set will support you as you grow stronger and your training needs change.The bands can be stacked to create higher resistance levels.


Light, compact and with a carry bag.

You can workout in the office, in the gym, at home or when travelling.

Amazing Value

3 Digital resistance training books and 1 video included:
● Belus Loop Band Guide
● Glutes Exercise Guide
● Resistance Band Exercise Guide
● Belus 7-minute Booty Workout Video

Premium Quality

These durable natural latex exercise bands are designed to hold their shape after each use and can stretch up to twice their length.The bands are sweat, stretch and snap resistant. They can be stretched repeatedly without fear of damage or losing shape.

Let's get fit together, Belus fit.

If you are not satisfied, we'll refund you in full.

  • Single Medium Resistance Band (0.35mm) - Pink - this option includes a single extra-long (6.5 feet) resistance band with a carry bag and digital guides.
  • Versatile - these flat bands are the most versatile Belus resistance training product. They can be folded in half to double the resistance level as well as being stacked and tied together. You can create long loop bands by tying two bands together. You can also create 10" and 12" minibands by tying the ends of single bands. Of course, these bands can also be used for flat resistance band exercises with or without an anchor. There are endless possibilities.
  • Use Anywhere - although these are not our lightest set, they are still portable and include a carry bag, which is Ideal for taking them to the gym or on the road.
  • Environmentally Friendly - these bands are made from environmentally friendly natural latex.
  • Fantastic Value - as well as a carry bag, you also get three digital books and the Belus 7-minute Booty Workout.

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