Resistance Loop Bands

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No excuses! With the Belus Resistance Bands set, you can bring the gym to you! Whether you’re in your living room, at a hotel or even by the beach, squeezing in a killer workout is possible.  You can also use them at the gym to enhance your usual routine.



- 1 "Light" loop band 0.4mm 

- 1 "Medium" loop band 0.6mm 

- 1 "Heavy" loop band 0.8mm

- 1 "X-heavy" loop band 1mm 


- 1 Pro "Light" loop band 0.8mm 

- 1 Pro "Medium" loop band 1mm 

- 1 Pro "Heavy" loop band 1.2mm 

- 1 Pro "X-heavy" loop band 1.4mm 


- 1 nylon carry bag to keep your bands safe

- Two digital books (Loop Band Guide and Glutes Guide) and a video (The Belus 7-Minute Booty Workout)



You can finally tick the check box for your fitness goals on your bucket list. No more excuses to not go to the gym because it’s raining or there’s a snowstorm or because you don’t have the time. Bring the resistance bands everywhere you go. Be it a lazy Sunday or a hustling Friday, working out will always fit your schedule so you can leave your excuses by the door.


The Belus Resistance Bands set is  workout equipment that can keep up. It’s easy to use, lightweight and portable -- just the qualities of the perfect workout buddy. It’s the perfect pair for career women who are always on the go, stay-at-home mums who work around the clock, students who are stuck between stress eating and late night cravings and just about anyone who’s got their eyes on their before-after fitspo transformation.


The resistance bands are for everyone: first timers, rookies and advanced athletes. Make your usual exercises more challenging with added resistance. Each band has a different resistance level ranging from light to heavy to make sure there’s room for progress.

Finally mastered doing 3 sets of glute bridges? Add a “Light” loop band to spice things up. Once you get the hang of it, go higher with the “Medium” loop band. Or better: stack them up together and make it more challenging. If it doesn’t get you sore by the end of the first set, that means you’re not pushing  hard enough. With the Belus resistance bands set, you don’t push yourself to your limits. You go beyond them.


The resistance bands help make your exercises challenging and can be easily incorporated with almost any workout routine. You can wear them around the ankles, calves, knees, thighs or wrist.

It builds, tones and tightens muscles in different muscle groups for your upper and lower body including your core and your back. It’s great for strength training and conditioning and cardio. But it doesn’t end there. Physical therapists use resistance bands for treating  injuries and those who have had surgery. It’s also used by a lot of Pilates and yoga enthusiasts.


The Belus resistance bands set comes with two e-books that have everything you need to know about resistance bands training, a cute carry bag that matches your favorite activewear and a 7-minute booty workout straight from the experts to grow those buns.


Aside from being effortlessly cute and fashionable, the Belus resistance bands set are made of high quality latex so they don’t snap during workouts. It’s non-toxic and safe for the skin. Plus, it doesn’t have any foul smell.

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